Who can use the Competency Assessment System

On a regulator-specific basis, student members, engineers-in-training, engineering licensee applicants, and professional engineer applicants from the following participating jurisdictions are eligible to use the Competency Assessment System. Geoscience applicants, including geoscientists-in-training, participating in the Geoscience Competency Pilot can also access the system.

  • Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan
  • Engineers and Geoscientists BC
  • Engineers PEI
  • Geoscientists Canada Competency Pilot Participants

Please note the following interchangeable terms based on the professional designation for which you are applying:

Engineering Geoscience
Key Competencies Work Experience Competencies
Indicators Workplace Examples

About the System

Applicants for professional registration or licensure use the system to record their progress in meeting the competency requirements for engineering/geoscience experience and to have it validated and assessed.

Accessing the System

I need to create a new account I am a registered user and would like to access the Competency Assessment System

The Competencies

An applicant using the system is required to select one example from his/her work history that best highlights an appropriate exposure level to a specific competency. Competencies are defined as observable and measurable skills, knowledge, abilities, motivations or traits required for professional registration that are demonstrated through the actions and behaviours of the applicant.

Indicators/Workplace Examples are defined as specific examples of actions, skills or behaviours that an applicant could use to demonstrate the achievement of a competency. The system provides a list of indicators for each competency in order to provide guidance to applicants.

For Engineering there are 34 key competencies with generic (non-discipline specific) indicators with specific technical indicators available for the following areas of practice:

Engineering Licensee applicants in BC are asked to provide competency examples within their scope of engineering practice.

For Geoscience, there are 29 Work Experience Competencies with generic (non-discipline specific Workplace Examples).

Applicants will be asked to assess their level of competency for each key competency/work experience competency provided on a six point rating scale (0-5).

## Tutorial An online course is available to registered users of the system that explains how to document and save their work experience information, monitor their progress towards meeting the competency requirements and submit this information for online validation and assessment.

Validation and Assessment

The examples will require validation from individuals who have direct, personal and professional knowledge of the applicant and the competency examples they have been asked to validate.

Once all examples have been validated, the assessment stage begins and involves assessors from the regulator who review all of the competency examples and validator comments.

All individuals taking part in an application (the applicant, validators, and assessors) are required to rate each competency example on a six point rating scale (0-5).

Please check with the regulator to which you are applying for regulator-specific requirements.