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About the System

Applicants for professional registration or licensure use the system to record their progress in meeting the competency requirements for relevant engineering or geoscience experience and to have it validated and assessed.

For additional information and guidance on the engineering assessment system, please download the Engineering Competency Assessment Guide for Validators and Assessors.

For additional information and guidance on the geoscience assessment system, please download the Geoscience Competency Assessment Guide for Validators and Assessors.

Please note the following Competency Assessment terms while completing your validation:

Engineering Terms Geoscience Terms
Key Competencies Work Experience Competencies
Indicators Workplace Examples

Validation Requirements

An applicant’s competency submission, must be verified by their Validators.

Applicants are asked to nominate a minimum number of Validators who can confirm and provide feedback on the applicant’s engineering or geoscience experience.

Validators are typically supervisors who are professionally licensed in engineering or geoscience, but may also be colleagues or clients with direct, personal and professional knowledge of the applicant and the competency examples they have been asked to validate.

Combined, the Validators should cover as much of an applicant’s experience as possible but a minimum of four years must be covered.

An applicant’s Validators are required to confirm the examples that the applicant cites to demonstrate competency and to provide overall feedback on the applicant’s readiness for professional registration or licensure. For further information on validation requirements, please contact the regulator.

Validation Process

The online validation process proceeds as follows:

  1. Validators cited by the applicant will receive a secure link by email which will include login information to complete their validation through the Competency Assessment System. For security and verification purposes, a business/professional email address is preferred. If one cannot be provided, the applicant will be asked to provide a brief explanation prior to being able to provide a personal email address. Note that the applicant’s regulator may perform an audit by contacting Validators directly.
  2. Following the link, the Validator will enter the Competency Assessment System.
  3. The Validator will first view the applicant’s education and employment history. No input is required from the Validator in these sections, but they provide the Validator with the opportunity to review chronological summaries of the applicant’s education and experience.
  4. Validators will then have an opportunity to decline to complete the process if they are not willing or able to verify the applicant’s experience. A reason must be provided in the comment box if the validation is declined. The reason, along with all Validator feedback, is confidential and is not visible to the applicant.
  5. The Validator will then be asked to review the applicant’s Competency Self-Assessment and provide feedback on any examples that the applicant has assigned to them. The selected Validator will assess the applicant’s level of competency for each Key Competency/Work Experience Competency on the six point (0-5) Engineering or Geoscience rating scale. Validator comments on the examples are encouraged and help to provide valuable additional feedback and information to the Assessors.
  6. Finally, Validators will be asked to provide overall feedback on the applicant’s readiness for professional registration or licensure.